My Story

I rose to the top of nearly every ladder I was placed on. In my MBA cohort, I became President of the Student Body. I led my D3 Rugby team. My career was defined by yearly promotions and salary increases. Climbing the ladder was working smoothly until years of apathy began accumulating into a life that felt hollow. 


With my coach, I arrived to that conclusion that I was rising to the top because it was safer for me when I knew what was happening underneath my feet. With planning and support, my coach and I stepped off the ladder to began a process of free-fall.  


It was scary at first. 


Soon enough, we realized though I was free-falling, I would never hit the ground. I stopped bracing for impact. At that point, free-falling became spontaneous and relaxing, the wind rushing up from underneath my feet. Now, I spend more time embarking on backcountry solo’s in California’s Anza Borrego desert. My 10-year vipasana meditation practice deepened. I've been further developing my surfing, rock-climbing and spearfishing skill. My relationships became more intimate and meaningful. 

Through coaching, I was able to create my own ladder with a goal that is deeply fulfilling to me--to help others build their own ladders. As your coach, I will walk into every session knowing you can achieve your highest potential. I expect to be amazed by your renewed strength in your own capacity.


  • Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)

  • Associate Certified Coach certified coach (ICF) 

  • Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (iPEC)

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Wildness First Responder (WFR)