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My Linear Bio

Hisham is a multicultural and multilingual global citizen. He teaches Executive and Life coaching through iPEC coaching school, running classes of over 40 adult learners. Classes are mostly comprised of leadership in Fortune 500 companies. In the past, he lived and worked abroad in 4 countries as a social entrepreneur. Today, Hisham teaches meditation, mentors refugee youth in San Diego, rock climbs, surfs, and goes on solo’s in California's Anza Borrego desserts. Now, he coaches professionals on their relationships at work and home as a Professional Certified Coach and Energy Master Practitioner.

Before discovering his passion for coaching, Hisham Beydoun graduated from Babson College with his MBA in Global Management and served as President of the Graduate Student Body where he represented 4,000 student voices. After completing his studies, he helped build a consulting company and scaled it into a multi-million dollar operation. Prior to pursuing his MBA and coaching career, Hisham worked as the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager in Beirut, Lebanon where he built businesses to support Syrian refugees.

Before moving to Lebanon, he worked for an NGO in New York City where he employed adults with mental illness to provide them vocational training and basic income. Before that, he was a full time classroom teacher on the small pacific island of Kosrae (population 5,000) in the Federated States of Micronesia.

My Story

As long as I could remember, I was successful. In high school, I was a grade A student. In college, I was captain of the rugby team. In my MBA program, I was student body president.  By everyone else's measure, I was thriving and my future seemed bright. 

When my relationship with the person I thought to be the 'love of my life' ended, that all changed.  I felt unable to get out of bed for weeks.  When I got diagnosed with heavy depression, my shining future evaporated, overnight.  And, for the first time in my life, I had no idea what to do or how to exist. 

On one of my hardest night, I was paralyzed in bed when something interrupted me into sitting up. what was that...?  I closed my eyes to listen again, more deeply... there. that. there it is again... 

It was my grandparents voice, long gone. They were saying things like 'we love you. stand up. be brave'.  Taking a leap of faith, I listened, told my sisters how I was really doing, found a therapist, and went back to school, but this time for coaching. 


Four years of camping in the desert, and coaching hundreds to discover their inner voice, transformed me into a person I never believed was possible for me then - a person I meet more day by day.  

I am Hisho, I am a master coach and I recreate who I am every single day. 

From this vantage point, if you asked me what I might have done differently in the pit of that monsterous depression, I could honestly say nothing. What I didn't know then was that waiting on the other side of that mountainous challenge was me. 

The me who loves adventures 

The me who is soft-hearted 

The me who is funny and goofy 

The me who smiles with the smile of my grandparents 

The me who was born to coach others to their own sense of freedom



  • Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)

  • Professional Certified Coach certified coach (ICF) 

  • Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (iPEC)

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

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