What is quality coaching?

“Coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. We define it as a skillset and mindset that taps into the resourcefulness of people to initiate creative change.” (Kellog, Brown, Coaching for Transformation, 2015).

Many people confuse coaching with advice-giving. In actuality, coaching asks rigorous questions and provides the environment for people to self-discover their own resourcefulness.  From renewed empowerment, client's gain deep capacity to move towards their truer calling. 

Quality coaches:

1) Meet you at your present without asking about your past

2) Draw out your incredible qualities right now 

3) Leverage your qualities to move you to your highest vision of yourself


As described by the International Coaching Federation, coaching holds the firm belief that clients have all the tools and resources for their own change and transformation.

How is it different from therapy or leadership consulting?

While coaching shares the same end goal of self-growth as therapy, leadership consulting, mentorship and psychotherapy, coaching increases a client's choice without diving into their past or providing solutions to clients. 

Therapy: therapists primarily focuses on a client’s past to get them to a more content present. Quality therapy is irreplaceable in uncovering deep-seeded emotional wounds.


Consulting: consultants typically present solutions to specific organizational challenges.


Coaching: coaches take you from your present to your most optimal future without diving into the past or presenting solutions to you.