Sylvie Maury
Global Resilience and Wellness Coach
"This coaching journey made me realize what was important in my life. In six sessions only, I was able to transform and find myself again.
I instantly felt comfortable with Hish. He knows how to create a safe space, listen carefully and reflect on what is said and not said.
With his way of being and deep questions, I was able to find my 'real' goal, not the one I had stated on our first session. "
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Eddie Ramos
"As an actor, I go through ups and downs in my career. Often times leading me to second guess myself. Working with Hisham not only gave me deeper insight to my inner wisdom but reignited my passion for what I do. His gentle yet grounded process was instantly comforting  and I made major breakthroughs immediately. He really allowed me to find the confidence I needed to keep pushing forward."
Nancy G. Pope
Senior Vice President HR at Paramount Pictures
"Hisho leads with a confident, calm and spiritual demeanor which allows one to explore a deeper level of self reflection and understanding. It is extremely refreshing to work with someone that leads with his humanity."
Mandylee Mariposa - Amanda Smith.jpeg
Mandy Smith
International Teacher
"Even after just one session, I felt more aligned with myself and my needs. Becoming aware of past patterns was a major step in the right direction.That awareness, paired with the knowledge that I have the ability to change those patterns with intentional movement and purposeful action, motivated me and gave me a sense of balance. Hisho made me feel understood, supported, and capable. It is a wonderful feeling to invest in yourself and witness the incredible benefits that appear when you begin to live with intention."
IMG_2434 - Susan J Hilger.jpg
Susan Hilger
Author, Personal and Biz Coach
"Hish, a very active listener, helped me to find deeper insight into what was behind some of my creative blocks. He has a keen intuitive sense and is able understand what's beneath the surface conversation and he brings that to the forefront of the coaching session. Hish allows time and creative space for a valuable client-coach connection to take place. This is so valuable for the trust necessary to do this type of work."
Lindsay headshot - Lindsay Sanders.png
Lindsay Sanders
Design Strategist at Duke Energy Corporation
"I’ve rarely felt as heard and seen as in my coaching sessions with Hish. Working with Hish has been a life-changing experience. In every session, he embodies support, love, and encouragement, always pointing to inner knowledge to guide my personal discovery and transformation. I feel an energetic shift that’s allowing me to show up for myself and others more fully. In our work together, Hish has helped me navigate everything from launching my website to inner soul exploration to processing difficult relationships and loss. From the very beginning, he listened to my needs and tailored our coaching practice so that I had clear action steps coming out of each session. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience and look forward to continuing our work together!"