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1. Mental Fitness Course

Groups of 4-5 people that experience Shirzad’s Positive Intelligence course together in Pods.  Grow your mental fitness and self command to better support your ambitious goals.  One of the highest value tools on the market. Groups are self-paced with minimal professional support. Affordable options for people who are curious and interested about coaching.


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-Access to Positive Intelligence app, Positive Intelligence e-book, daily practice, weekly focus sessions, measurable progress tracker, Positive Intelligence Community

-Learn from one of the most transformational coaching tools available on the market (Forbes, Three reasons to Strengthen your Mind with Positive Intelligence, 2021) 

-Form relationships with others like minded peers

-For more on what is included, click here 


Price: One time payment of $244 ($995 list price on Positive Intelligence website)

Time: 1-2 hours a week of time for 6 weeks

2. Group Coaching

Who it is for:

-People seeking connection, managing stress, purpose

-Support from peers and professionals in group settings

-More affordable version of 1:1 professional work. 



-$64 per 80 minute session

-Time commitment: 8 week

A group of 4-8 people supporting one another (issues such as family relations, purposelessness, major transitions, burnout, etc…) in a structured setting, led by a professional.


3. Professional Coaching 

Get paired with one of the nation's top certified professional coaches and experience a quality of professional coaching unavailable on coaching platforms. 

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-Biweekly hour long coaching calls over Zoom

-Biweekly, 15 minute, accountability calls to monitor progress  

-Energy Leadership Index Assessment 

-24/7 access to your coach through email



-$175 per hour long session

4. Enterprise or Custom Offerings

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